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We're getting ready early - will our hair and makeup last?
Absolutely! Lux products include those that are used in television, film and theatre production, which means everything from your foundation, to shadow, to setting products are made to remain seamless for hours and hours while withstanding heat, humidity, and all the tears and kisses your big day might bring! All JW brides receive a custom touch up kit as well!

Do you have a minimum?
We have a 5-service minimum (Bride + 4 adults) for all venues/locations over 30 minutes of travel time! I do offer Bride-Only Package options for brides without bridal parties or for small weddings and elopements!

When should I schedule a trial?
I recommend 2-3 months before the wedding. Your wedding details are generally finalized, and the overall vision of your wedding day is the most current! 

When should I book hair and makeup?

ASAP! Our bridal team books 12-18 months in advance. If feasible, I'd suggest booking your bridal beauty when you book your venue! 

How should my bridal party and I arrive on the big day?
I recommend everyone arrive with clean, completely dry hair and clean skin (normally used moisturizers are fine, or we carry several also!)

Do you travel to my hotel/venue?

Yes! My team and I travel all over New England (and beyond)!


I have a large bridal party - can your team accommodate everyone?

Absolutely! We handle the timeline for your wedding morning to ensure we have proper time for each service, and plenty of artists to keep your group from a super early start time. No matter the size of your party, we'll keep things running smoothly!


What if I'm working with the Artistry Team? How will I know who my artists are?!

While our artists are well rounded in terms of experience, each artist still have their own specialties or styles they excel in. Upon booking your day, we'll schedule a call directly with Janna to determine the look/style you might be looking for. She'll pair you with an artist that specializes in that type of look and/or style to ensure you love your bridal look for years to come!  

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